Our Story

Why Spiras Health?

Our Philosophy

If we can help everyone breathe well, not only will we impact lives, but improve a healthcare system that spends billions each year on unnecessary services.

We don’t just believe everyone deserves to breathe well, we believe everyone can breathe well. Patient care doesn’t just need innovation around services and technology. In fact, medicine already knows how to help people with asthma and COPD gain control of their disease, however as few as 1 in 7 sufferers will access these services.

Instead, we need innovation around how we deliver market-based services and technologies to more people. We are not satisfied with 1 in 7.

Our Approach

Our approach is smart, proactive and scalable.

To impact chronic respiratory asthma and COPD epidemics, we must better leverage market-based solutions. At Spiras, we utilize case management approaches to identify those patients who are at-risk and whose disease is uncontrolled. Unlike some that simply call at-risk patients and suggest they engage the healthcare system, we take it a step further. At Spiras, we send clinicians, educators, caseworkers and other resources into patient communities to proactively engage them with services crucial to their health – to their ability to breathe well.

In a patient’s home, we are able to properly diagnose their disease and customize an individualized treatment plan based on their condition and lifestyle. We also spend significant time educating the patient about their disease and how to use their treatment plan in their daily life.

Once the treatment plan is in place, we continue to engage the patient throughout the year with repeat face-to-face visits. In addition, we utilize technology to monitor patient’s compliance and lung function. This allows us the ability to alter courses of treatment and improve compliance. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity to intervene with a patient before an adverse event leads to an emergency room visit, or worse.

We don’t just work in office buildings: we work in communities. Being mobile allows us the ability to quickly expand our reach to provide access to entire populations in urban, suburban and rural areas. Wherever you are, there’s access to those in need of care.

What’s in a name?


Breathe Better

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